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Laura Curran Speaking at a press conference

County Executive Curran has passed three no-property-tax increase budgets in a row while taking on the tough work of fixing a long broken assessment system left by administrations before her. Though not a politically expedient issue to take on, County Executive Curran knew the assessment system was broken and corrupted. Prior to County Executive Curran taking office, tax assessment valuations had been frozen in Nassau County for nearly ten years, as politician after politician kicked the can down the road. Once elected, County Executive Curran got to work directing a comprehensive review of the assessment system and appointing a Tax Assessment Task Force to identify key data points in drawing a fairer assessment map. To ensure residents have the opportunity to adapt to these changes in assessment values, County Executive Curran implemented her Taxpayer Protection Plan (TPP), which phases in any assessment correction over five years.

County Executive Curran protected Nassau taxpayers by addressing a broken assessment system when no one else would. Her administration created a more customer service-oriented assessment model, and restored much needed funding to the Assessment Department. Government employees are now more accessible to Nassau County taxpayers to explain fair market values and show residents how to find comparable sales in their neighborhoods.