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Nassau Hub

After years of stalled redevelopment due to political infighting, County Executive Curran is spearheading the revitalization and reutilization of the Nassau Coliseum through the Hub project.

The Nassau County Legislature unanimously passed County Executive Curran’s Development Plan Agreement, allowing Nassau Live and RXR to make their vision for the Hub a reality. The Nassau Hub will include innovative office, housing, entertainment and retail to complement the Coliseum. The Nassau Hub will be a place where people can live, work, play, and innovate. The development will produce new economic activity for surrounding areas, generating substantial new tax revenue, creating new high-paying jobs for people of varying skill levels, and attracting and retaining both Long Island’s young people and empty-nesters. The project will transform the near 70-acres of barren parking lots surrounding the Coliseum into a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use downtown in the heart of Nassau County. The development plan will leverage the region’s world-renowned institutions and natural competitive advantages to attract the innovation anchors needed to become a new economic engine for Nassau County and Long Island.