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Promoting Smart Growth

Laura Curran is an outspoken advocate for smart growth through transit-oriented development. She knows that as a county, we need to provide a welcoming culture for mixed-use development centered around our already existing transit hubs. This type of development provides much-needed affordable housing options for our young professionals and golden age communities in areas that are easily accessible by the Long Island Railroad and NICE Bus system. It also creates an economic environment that attracts new businesses, growing the tax base and ultimately lessening the burden placed on our current homeowners.

Having walkable downtowns leads to a healthier economy and environment, and as County Executive, Laura Curran will continue her work as a smart growth advocate. Laura will ensure that there is a cooperative effort to build and grow in a manner that attracts new business, benefits all of Nassau County’s residents, and keeps our young people and seniors here at home.

  • To promote the use of alternative modes of transit, Laura went car-free for a week, using the NICE Bus system, the LIRR, and riding her bike around town to meetings and work. Accessible public transit goes hand-in-hand with smart growth, and Laura sincerely believes that having a robust public transit system is a necessity for our residents, as people rely on it to get to work, doctor’s appointments, and school. When eleven bus routes were cut in early 2016, Laura identified $3 million to fund the restoration of most of those routes. As County Executive, she will work to have recurring revenue dedicated to the buses to prevent further cuts.

  • Laura has been a key proponent of the Grand Avenue Complete Streets Project in Baldwin, which aims to improve traffic circulation and foster a safer environment for all commuters, including pedestrians and bicyclists. This type of project lays the groundwork for a walkable downtown that attracts businesses and developers to the area. She will work with all municipalities to continue these types of forward-thinking projects.

  • Laura is being recognized for her efforts in the Baldwin revitalization project at the 2017 Smart Growth Awards, and has been a panelist at multiple Smart Growth conferences, most recently at the 2017 Vision Long Island Complete Streets Summit. In 2016, she was honored by Long Island Jobs with Justice for her work to restore NICE bus routes.

About Laura

I'm not a career politician. I'm a taxpayer, a homeowner, and a parent. And as a County Legislator, I've had a front-row seat to Ed Mangano's rampant mismanagement and culture of corruption.

I'm running for County Executive because Nassau residents deserve a fresh start. Let's fix the mess in Mineola and return our government to the taxpayers who deserve better than endless indictments and self-dealing.

Meet Laura