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Fixing the County's Finances

Managing the County’s finances is one of the County Executive’s most fundamental responsibilities because it enables the County to responsibly provide the services residents need and want with the smallest fiscal impact on taxpayers. Laura Curran believes the County is failing miserably in this regard and her first priority will be restoring the County’s financial health and balancing the budget without the phony accounting and added debt accrued by the current administration.

Just like any other business operation, the County needs to align its income and expenses. That means reducing expenses and increasing revenue without raising taxes -- it’s that simple, but it requires political will and effective leadership.

Beginning her first day in office, Laura will engage every County department in the painstaking task of analyzing every expense line in its budget. That means examining every program, evaluating its need, effectiveness, and cost, and putting forth realistic and practical proposals for effective change. The goal: “Re-Building the Budget” countywide, in line with the county’s responsibilities and economic reality.

At the same time, Laura will be targeting Nassau’s “corruption tax,” because corruption in government is not only wrong, it affects the bottom line.1 Paying for things we don’t need and services we’re not getting, and packing the payroll with patronage, drains cash right out of the County’s accounts. Experts have estimated that organizations in this country lose up to 7% of their annual revenue due to fraud. Targeting fraud to reduce Nassau’s expenses by just 1% would add more than $32 million to the County’s bottom line. And there’s potential for more.

Bringing in more revenue -- from sources other than taxpayers -- is also critical to Laura’s plan to restore the County’s fiscal health. A strong local economy brings more money into Nassau and more revenue directly into the County budget. With that goal, Laura will focus on facilitating increased business spending in Nassau, the creation of well-paying private-sector jobs, improved transportation options, and increasing tourism. She also will work with the Towns and other municipalities to reduce local impediments that, at times, keep our economy from flourishing. In addition, from Day 1, she will ensure that the Nassau County IDA fulfills its mission to promote and improve the economic prosperity of Nassau County.

1. Office of the New York State Comptroller, Preventing Fraud and Abuse of Public Funds: Local Governments Need to Do Better (August 2010).

About Laura

I'm not a career politician. I'm a taxpayer, a homeowner, and a parent. And as a County Legislator, I've had a front-row seat to Ed Mangano's rampant mismanagement and culture of corruption.

I'm running for County Executive because Nassau residents deserve a fresh start. Let's fix the mess in Mineola and return our government to the taxpayers who deserve better than endless indictments and self-dealing.

Meet Laura