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As Nassau County Executive, Laura Curran made it her mission to create a more sustainable county for this generation and the next. Protecting and enhancing the health of Nassau’s environment is an essential part of improving residents’ quality of life here on Long Island. County Executive Curran prioritized environmental preservation, as well as the health and safety of Nassau’s waterways and residents.

Right now, excessive nitrogen levels have contributed to the collapse and erosion of Nassau’s marshes. When healthy, those marshes are crucial natural resources that help protect Nassau’s coastal communities from storm surge. But the more the marshes degrade, the less protection they provide. Protecting Nassau’s environment is the same as protecting Nassau’s homes. That is why County Executive Curran oversaw Nassau’s investment in the Western Bays Conveyance project, the most significant environmental investment on Long Island in decades. It will not only improve water quality for fishing, swimming and other recreational activities, but will restore Nassau’s precious South Shore ecosystem and help protect Long Island against storm surge.