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Ending the Culture of Corruption

Laura Curran has made combatting the rampant corruption in Nassau County a tenet of her time on the Legislature and the primary focus of her campaign for County Executive.

In the wake of contracting scandals that led to the conviction of former New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos on federal corruption charges, Curran stood with the Democratic Caucus in the Legislature to fight for an Independent Inspector General to oversee the County procurement process. Following the indictments of County Executive Ed Mangano and former Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto, Curran announced her candidacy for County Executive on a pledge to fix the mess in Mineola.

Curran is the only candidate in the race who has unveiled detailed, point-by-point plans to update Nassau’s ethics standards, clean up the contracting process, and end the culture of corruption that allows the cronyism, nepotism, and waste that has permeated our local government for decades.

Curran’s Ethics Reform Plan

  • Create an independent Office of the Inspector General
  • End the era of nepotism in County hiring
  • Reinvigorate the office of the Commissioner of Investigations
  • Enact term limits for the County Executive, County Comptroller, County Clerk, and Legislature
  • Strengthen financial disclosure forms to include relatives who do business with the County
  • Rewrite the County’s “Whistleblower Law” to empower employees to come forward
  • Update and modernize the County Code of Ethics
  • Reconstitute the County Board of Ethics and take politics out of ethics oversight

Curran’s Contracting Reform Plan

  • Create an independent Office of the Inspector General
  • Require full legislative review of all contracts
  • Install a countywide electronic filing system to catch conflicts of interest
  • Mandate full vendor disclosure of all connections to elected officials, county employees, and political contributions
  • Publish all unsolicited proposals online and make publicly available as soon as they are received
  • Increase competition and participation from MWBEs by eliminating fees bidders pay to view solicitations
  • Disclose who, specifically, prepared the specifications and bids for any purchase
  • Publish all bidding documents online
  • Provide clear, simple, and concise rules for all procurement officers

Curran’s Patronage Reform Plan

  • Barring all County Executive appointees from holding leadership positions in any political party or any local political club
  • Prohibit members of her Administration from ever asking an applicant about his or her political affiliation
  • Ensuring all hiring is based on merit, and all jobs filled will be real jobs that work for the public good
  • Opening summer, seasonal and part-time jobs to all residents
  • Enforcing the County rules against hiring and supervising relatives
  • Ensuring the rule against gifts to County employees and officials is strictly enforced

Curran’s Transparency Reform Plan

  • Modernizing the list of employees and officials required to file Financial Disclosure Statements to ensure it includes those who negotiate, authorize or monitor compliance for:
    • contracts, permits, and occupancy agreements
    • lease, sale or purchase of real property
    • purchase or rent goods and services
  • Requiring Financial Disclosure Statements from any party to a County personal services contract, and anyone employed by or associated with a firm that is party to a County personal services contract when that individual directly advises any elected official
  • The creation of an online, user-friendly version of the County budget
  • The creation of an online “County Checkbook” that shows every vendor payment made every month, published in a clear and understandable way
  • The creation of an online database that shows all proposed items filed with the Clerk of the Legislator, all items presented to the Legislature, and how each legislator ultimately votes
  • Publishing and posting before each legislative session a readable and informative agenda so the public will know what items the Legislature will be considering
  • Calling on the Legislature to hold regular nighttime meetings so the public can see their legislators in action and ask questions or offer comments

Curran’s Taxpayer Funded Mail Reform Plan

  • Mass mailings to the public must be informative
    • May contain only objective information and verifiable facts
    • May inform residents only of upcoming events, public health or safety concerns or upcoming changes to County procedures or programs
    • May include the politician’s name only once
    • May not mention other public officials or politicians
    • May not include the politician’s picture
  • Publically-financed mailings must state that they were paid for with taxpayer funds
    • Must also identify the elected official who authorized the mailing
  • Funds allotted for mailings must be identified for the public at budget time
    • County budget must specifically identify funds allocated to public officials for mailings
    • Funds allocated to the Legislature for mailings must be allotted equally to all legislators
  • All mailings must stop 60 days before Primary and General Elections
    • The mailing blackout will apply whether or not an incumbent is facing a challenger
  • Fines of up to $10,000 may be imposed for violations of these rules
    • Copies of all elected official mass mailings to be filed with the new, bipartisan Board of Ethics
    • The new Board will be responsible for review and imposition of fines for rules violations

Curran’s Campaign Finance Reform Plan

  • Bar all appointed employees and officials who Curran appoints from making contributions, in any amount, to her campaign
  • Bar all appointed employees and officials from raising money for Curran's campaign
  • Create a Doing Business List that identifies all companies that do business with the County as well as their principals, and then limit the amount of contributions they can make to candidates for County office
  • Limit contributions to no more than $1,000 for candidates for county-wide office and $500 for legislative candidates
  • This reform would cover:
    • County contracts and those who bid for them
    • County grants
    • The sale, purchase or rental of county property
    • Any economic development agreement that provides financial incentives in exchange for development, creation or retention of business

About Laura

I'm not a career politician. I'm a taxpayer, a homeowner, and a parent. And as a County Legislator, I've had a front-row seat to Ed Mangano's rampant mismanagement and culture of corruption.

I'm running for County Executive because Nassau residents deserve a fresh start. Let's fix the mess in Mineola and return our government to the taxpayers who deserve better than endless indictments and self-dealing.

Meet Laura