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Nassau Camp Directors Thank Curran for Reopening


Nassau Camp Directors Thank Curran for Reopening

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK - This week, County Executive Laura Curran traveled across Nassau to greet children as they attended their first days of summer camp. After a year of shutdowns and shifting regulations, County Executive Curran discussed her fight to protect Nassau’s local economy and the significance of this summer’s camp reopenings with Will Pierce, President of the Long Island Camps and Private Schools Association.

Listen to the full conversation HERE

“This summer will be a hallmark for a lot of American families - a time that they are able to get their children back into the world… As the president of LICAPS, which is a group of thirty camps here on Long Island, we were very thankful to have the County Executive’s support to get camps open for summer. For us, all of the camp directors will remember very well how Nassau County stepped up to the plate,” said LICAPS Director Will Pierce.

“I was so happy to advocate for camps. You all are in the safety business. You know how to solve problems,” said County Executive Laura Curran. “You prepared and took safety more seriously than anything. That made it easy to advocate for you and other camps across Long Island.”

Throughout the pandemic, County Executive Laura Curran has advocated for businesses’ safe reopening. She met with business owners and employees, listening to their needs and concerns. She took Nassau’s economic health as seriously as Nassau’s public health. Thanks to her leadership, 79.2% of Nassau adults have received at least one vaccination dose, a rate that leads not only the state but the country. With Curran leading the way, residents can take full advantage of a robust reopening just in time for summer.

And as Nassau reopens for summer, County Executive Laura Curran will continue her advocacy, helping small businesses access direct aid and infusing Nassau’s local economy with $62.9 million in federal stimulus funds in order to jumpstart economic and workforce development. County Executive Laura Curran is leading Nassau through recovery and into the next chapter.

Posted on July 1, 2021.