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With State-Leading Vaccination Rates, County Executive Curran Working with Small Businesses to Take Back Summer


With State-Leading Vaccination Rates, County Executive Curran Working with Small Businesses to Take Back Summer

Newly proposed small business aid, loosening restrictions help Nassau residents and businesses kick off summer season

BALDWIN, NEW YORK - As lockdowns strangled our national economy and COVID cases soared, life looked very different on Long Island just one year ago. But from the pandemic’s beginning, County Executive Laura Curran supported local businesses and fought for their safe reopening when it made sense. She worked to make sure Nassau residents could use their marinas and beaches, and she fought to open malls, gyms, and entertainment centers. Laura Curran has been a tough advocate for Nassau, and thanks to her leadership, the County is well on its way to a full re-opening.

With the success of the Curran administration’s vaccination program, which is leading the state, Nassau is ready for summer. As the economy re-opens, Curran for Nassau will capture the stories of local business owners and residents taking back their summer and returning to the activities that make life great on Long Island.

To kick things off, the County Executive visited a Nassau business well acquainted with summer fun. Having weathered the storm, Michelle Capobianco of Shore Thing Rentals is ready and able to take advantage of Nassau’s high vaccination rate while helping Nassau residents have some well deserved summer fun.

Throughout the pandemic, Laura Curran supported small businesses every step of the way:

She set up an Economic Advisory Council comprised of local business and labor leaders, so she could better understand what was happening on the ground, and better advocate for common-sense reopening.

She regularly visited businesses and had real conversations with small business owners to better advocate on their behalf.

She got businesses free PPE kits.

She fought for safe, common-sense reopening, constantly pushing the state to ease restrictions.

She oversaw the distribution of the highly successful Restaurant Recovery Grants.

Most recently, she has proposed investing $25 million from the American Recovery Plan to expand small business aid.

She is leading one of the strongest vaccination programs in the state, allowing Nassau residents to return to their favorite Long Island restaurants, bars, and shops — and to take back their summer.

Posted on June 2, 2021.