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Nassau County Executive Laura Curran Officially Announces Re-election Campaign

May 11, 2021

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran Officially Announces Re-election Campaign

In a day stacked with campaign events, Curran for Nassau releases new campaign video: ‘Leadership Through It All.’

BALDWIN, NEW YORK - Today, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran officially announced her campaign for re-election. County Executive Curran gathered with supporters and press to outline the defining aspects of her first term and lay out the vision for Nassau’s next chapter.

To accompany the launch, Curran for Nassau released the video “Leadership Through it All,” which highlights Laura Curran’s unwavering leadership, and the tangible results it has yielded for Nassau residents. Laura Curran took on a corrupt political machine and won; returning County government to the people. She improved government services, passed three no-property-tax-increase budgets, and made Nassau County the safest county in America.

When the pandemic struck Nassau and the world, Laura’s Curran conducted daily public briefings, coordinated with Nassau’s hospital networks on rapid testing and admissions and supplied businesses and workers with critical pandemic supplies.

In regards to the official launch of her campaign, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran released the following statement:

“I am so grateful to Nassau voters for putting their trust in me nearly four years ago. Since then, we have accomplished incredible things, making Nassau a better and safer place to live. It has been a difficult year, no doubt -- but Nassau communities answered the pandemic with compassion, resolve and common sense. In addressing this crisis, I worked every day to live up to the example set by our residents. With the success of my administration’s vaccination program, we are now ready to tackle Nassau’s recovery head on. My next four years will offer more than a return to normal. Together, we will invest in Nassau’s future, create thousands of new jobs, and write Nassau's next chapter.”

Posted on May 14, 2021.