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County Executive Candidate Laura Curran Releases New Proposals to End Pervasive Culture of Patronage, Nepotism, and Cronyism

(HICKSVILLE, NY) - Today, Democratic candidate for County Executive Laura Curran released her plan to end the culture of patronage, nepotism, and cronyism - a decades-old problem that has been a cornerstone of the mess in Nassau County. Curran’s plan would remove political considerations from the hiring process and make sure available positions go to people based on what they know, not who they know.

At a press conference in Cantiague Park, which is home to countless summer and seasonal patronage jobs, Curran highlighted the need to: Remove politics from the appointment process; implement merit-based hiring; eliminate wasteful jobs; open summer, seasonal, and part-time jobs to all residents; and strictly enforce rules against nepotism and gifts to County employees.

“My proposals will end the decades-old practice of guaranteeing jobs to only those connected to the good old boys club,” Curran said today. “Patronage affects every Nassau resident, whether they are seeking a County job or paying for the County jobs that now go to those who are hired for who they know, not what they know. If we are truly going to make our government work for the people again, we need be hiring the best and brightest, and stop handing out cushy jobs to the politically connected at the expense of Nassau taxpayers.”

Curran’s proposals include:

Removing politics from the appointment process by barring all County Executive appointees from holding leadership positions in any political party or any local political club. Curran will also prohibit members of her Administration from ever asking an applicant about his or her political affiliation.

Ensuring all hiring is based on merit, and all jobs filled will be real jobs that work for the public good.

Opening summer, seasonal and part-time jobs to all residents, including young people throughout the County, instead of reserving them for the politically connected few.

Enforcing the County rules against hiring and supervising relatives. And strengthening them by not allowing the County Executive’s relatives to work anywhere in County government. Ensuring the rule against gifts to County employees and officials is strictly enforced.

Curran’s proposals will end the corrupt practice of self-serving politicians handing out cushy jobs to their political benefactors, friends, and family members. Nassau County government can only be effective and efficient when it is run by those best qualified to fill real jobs. It is a waste of taxpayer dollars to fund jobs that do not serve the public good and are merely vessels of patronage and nepotism.

“Nassau residents deserve to have their tax dollars put towards county jobs that serve the public. It’s past time the good old boys club stopped using taxpayer dollars to fund their job handouts while the rest of Nassau’s residents don’t get a fair shake. We can do better, and when I’m County Executive, we will. I will end the corrupt practices of patronage, nepotism, and cronyism that have helped create the mess in Nassau County,” Curran concluded.

To date, Laura Curran has unveiled plans to restore ethics in County government; reform County contracting; ensure a goal of true gender equity in the leadership of the County; end taxpayer-funded political mail; increase transparency to shine a light on government decision-making and show Nassau residents how their tax dollars are being spent, campaign finance reforms; and end politicians’ shameless self promotion on County signage at taxpayers’ expense.

Posted on May 18, 2017 in press releases.