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Laura Curran Pledges to End Taxpayer-Funded Shameless Self-Promotion of the County Executive

Laura Curran Pledges to End Taxpayer-Funded Shameless Self-Promotion of the County Executive

(HEWLETT, NY) Today, County Executive candidate Laura Curran pledged that if elected, she will end the practice of the County Executive using taxpayer money to plaster their name across County property.

Currently, it is commonplace to have the County Executive’s name on taxpayer-funded signs, golf pencils, buses, construction sites, parks, etc. Curran’s pledge to end this shameless self-promotion is another step toward ensuring Nassau County government works for the people and that taxpayer dollars are only used for critical government functions - not a permanent re-election campaign for career politicians.

At a news conference in front of one such sign in Hewlett, Laura Curran said: “I can’t think of a more thoughtless exercise in vanity than allowing the County Executive to waste money by putting their name on taxpayer-funded signs, and everywhere else they can find space. This decades-old practice only serves to enhance their own personal political branding while adding no public value whatsoever. Nassau residents are tired of career politicians acting like their nonstop re-election campaigns are more critical than what’s good for the taxpayers and enough is enough. We all deserve to have our tax dollars put toward projects and services that serve the public good.”

Curran pointed out that some lawmakers, including herself, have had their names put on signs without being asked permission because that is the standard practice in Nassau County. No matter how long the practice has continued, however, Curran said it isn’t acceptable and pledged to end it.

“We have a mess in Mineola that stems from career politicians caring more about themselves than the people they serve. There is no good-government minded reason why Ed Mangano needs to put his name on every new sign we see pop up in Nassau. It’s not only a waste of money and an insult to taxpayers, it’s also a symbol of all the upside-down priorities in our County government. If elected, I will end the status quo to ensure taxpayer dollars go to projects that serve the public good, not my own personal political branding,” Curran concluded.

Curran also noted that she would deny requests to her office by lawmakers asking to put their names on signs and other taxpayer-funded projects.

Curran’s pledge to end shameless, taxpayer-funded branding builds on her campaign to reform Nassau government in the taxpayer’s best interest. To date, Laura Curran has unveiled plans to restore ethics in County government, reform County contracting, ensure a goal of true gender equity in the leadership of the County, end taxpayer-funded political mail, increase transparency, and reform Nassau’s campaign finance system. Curran is the only candidate for County Executive to unveil detailed, point by point policy proposals on how to fix the mess in Mineola.

Posted on May 11, 2017 in press releases.