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County Executive Candidate Laura Curran Releases Campaign Finance Reform Proposal for Nassau County, Curran’s plan goes above and beyond to end the era of pay-to-play in local government

​(BALDWIN, NY) - Today, Democratic candidate for County Executive Laura Curran released a number of campaign finance proposals to help end the pay-to-play culture in Nassau County government. Curran’s plan would limit the influence of money on politics and ensure that elected officials and their employees are prioritizing the needs of all taxpayers.

At a press conference at her home in Baldwin, Curran discussed some of the reforms she’d like to see at the state level, and outlined the steps she will take as Nassau's next County Executive to reign in the influence of money on politics. Curran’s proposals focus on barring her appointees from contributing to her campaign or raising money on her behalf, and creating a “Doing Business With” List that will identify vendors who have contracts with the County and substantially limit the amount they can contribute to candidates for County offices.

After the press conference, Laura Curran highlighted: "The current campaign finance system creates the potential for corruption and abuse of power, which has deteriorated trust in our government. To eliminate any suspicion that elected officials can be bought, I will prohibit my appointees and employees from contributing to my campaign and bar them from soliciting or collecting any contributions on my behalf. In addition, to eliminate Nassau’s pay-to-play culture, I will work to limit donations from vendors who do business with the county so people have faith that contracts are going to the most qualified, not those that pay to play. When enacted, my campaign finance policy reforms will help restore Nassau County residents’ faith that the County Executive’s office is working only for them”

The three steps of Curran's campaign finance reform plan are:

Bar all County Executive-appointed employees and officials from making contributions, in any amount, to her campaign. Bar all County Executive-appointed employees and officials from raising money for her campaign. Create a “Doing Business With” List that identifies all companies that do business with the County as well as their principals, and then limit contribution amount they can make to candidates for County office.

Curran pledged to sign Executive Orders on her first day in office to implement the first two proposals, and to work with the Legislature to turn the Doing Business List and its limitations into law.

"We have a mess in Mineola, and it is clear that money has corrupted the current administration. We must immediately start restoring Nassau County residents' faith in government and I will enact every piece of my campaign finance reform agenda as swiftly as possible. I will not allow there to be one shred of doubt by any Nassau taxpayer that my political appointees and employees are prioritizing the needs of donors and not the public," Curran concluded.

To date, Laura Curran has unveiled plans to restore ethics in County government, reform County contracting, ensure a goal of true gender equity in the leadership of the County, end taxpayer-funded political mail, and increase transparency to shine a light on government decision-making and show Nassau residents how their tax dollars are being spent.

Posted on May 4, 2017 in press releases.